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Inspiring Your Next Trip

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Johanna Roberta Travel

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Travel Agent Surrey

London Based Travel Conceirge 


Here, the planning is done for you,

so you can simply turn up, relax and enjoy.

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"I have a passion for cultivating memorable trips and I help people see and experience our beautiful planet through travel"

J. R. Bond

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 Travel Services 

Here, we specialise in luxury cruises, unique stays, family and group travel. As a valued client, you are always central to your travel plans and we'll go out of our way to get you the best value from your trip and make the process from start to finish enjoyable - as it should be.


With a decade of travel experience, you'll receive expert travel advice with the primary focus being to help you and your loved ones to create lasting memories.

If you already have your perfect hotel or accommodation in mind, please provide the details. We will gladly check if we can offer a competitive rate or add extra value to your upcoming trip.


You could also visit our exclusive Instagram @jrtravelgroup for the latest deals and exclusive perks.

 How does it all Work? 
 The Triple Win  


 How Our Clients Benefit 

You'll pay the same price as if you booked direct, but you get all the added value, including potential upgrades and various welcome amenities.


Why? Travel brands pay advisors a commission for doing their job, just like they do with those big booking sites. The difference? Here you're speaking with someone who cares about the outcome of your trip, not just a faceless site.

 How Our Partners Benefit 

We work with the best global brands and they love partnering with travel advisors who act as a penny-wise extension of their in-house sales team.

The common goal is simple:

to make clients happy. 

We'd love for you to return and spread the word!

 How Our Advisors Benefit 

Advisors are independent travel entrepreneurs, so every time you book with JR Travel,

you’re supporting a small business instead of an online search engine.

turn your love for travel into an income

In association with The Jet Set Formula: the success method that teaches

you how you can build your own travel brand, regardless of previous experience. 


Our online training academy has been uniquely designed to provide you with the essential tools, tips and secrets on how to earn an additional income utilising the travel travel.

"You're about to book the trip of your dreams. Except this time, you won't have to lift a finger to plan it."

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